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How To Make Money Online

20 Ways To Make Money Online.

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Everyone has some capacity to make money online! You will need to find a niche market that you can help based on your experience and passion. How well you serve your audience will dictate what your earnings are. Don’t just pick a niche because it’s currently ‘hot.’ You are going to need to continue to build, write articles, and market that product and new products that fit under that initial niche for years to come, so make sure it’s a niche that you’re passionate about, otherwise you will not enjoy success.

Here are 5 ways to make money online quickly and without a lot of effort.

1. Transcribe Audio. 

With more websites now offering written transcriptions for those that are hearing impaired, transcribers are now highly in demand. While it doesn’t always pay a lot, it also doesn’t require a lot of work or a commitment from you. Check sites like UpworkFreelancer and for these types of jobs.

2. Participate in Online Surveys. 

Participating in online surveys don’t take much time while allowing you to you create a little extra cash flow for yourself. Mobrog and Surveybee are sites that offer countless surveys. You get paid each time you complete a survey.

3. Audio Editting.

If you are familiar with sound editing software there is a job opportunity waiting for you cleaning up online interviews, webinars, webcasts, etc. Sites like Upwork or Freelancer offer editing software work.

4. Enter Games and Contests.

Writers, photographers, logo designers etc., there’s are tons of contests running looking for the best ‘product.’ You don’t get paid unless you win so you will need to enter as many contests as you can find in your niche. Webcashgenerator is an excellent site offering thousands of contests.

5. Flip Domain Names.

Some people have figured out a way to make a very nice income buying and selling domain names. Use Google Adwords to find trending keywords and then use that information to choose domains to flip. Be creative when you are trying to buy domain names. Even if the main keyword isn’t available you can work off of that keyword and incorporate it with other words.

6. Write. 

Provide writing or content services. If you like to write and you feel you are good at it, you can offer those writing skills to others. You can find work as a technical writer, content writer, editor, proofreader, and the list goes on.

Sign up at one of the many sites that provide a way for writers and clients to connect and start selling your services. Sites like Upwork, Contently and Freelancer are all good options. is a great platform to start your writing career.

7. Translation Services.

Translation services are in high demand. If you have a second language you can make money. Promote yourself through freelancing websites or using classified ad websites to find clients who need translation work done. Translayte is one of the best sites to locate jobs for translation services.

8. Ebooks. 

Writie an e-book and self-publish through Amazon or Lulu. Don’t just write any e-book. Seek out a niche that you have something to share and make sure that the market isn’t already saturated. Selling ebooks is an excellent way to make a steady stream of passive income.

9. Blog.

You might also decide to launch a blog in a niche you are interested in. You don’t make money from writing the blog. As your readership grows, you make money by the commissions you receive from posting ads or affiliate marketing.

10. Sell on Ebay or Etsy.

There are many people that make a full time income selling stuff on e-Bay or Etsy. Whether you want to sell your vintage clothing, cool new jewelry or anything else, one of these venues could be right for you.

11. Teach Online.

If you like to teach but would rather do it from your home, you could think about teaching for one of the online schools. From salsa dancing to gardening and investing. Take the time to explore the online schools and find a good fit for you. If you want to teach English online, there is Preply. If you have any other skill, teach it on Coursera, Udemy or Skillshare.

12. Videos and Webinars.

The internet provides a terrific opportunity to teach viewers about all kinds of things from how to knit to how to train your dog, and everything in between. You can create a video or webinar to help those interested and you can charge for these. It’s a far more lucrative service than print material is and it’s also still very untapped so the opportunity is there.

13. Begin a Podcast. 

Talkabout topics that are of interest so that you can draw in an audience. Once you have a good size audience following you, then you can make money off your podcast through ads. A great way to make some money.

14. Sell Your Music.

You can sell your music directly from your own website. Radiohead did it a few years ago and raked in tons of money just by asking for donations. It made news headlines. As an independent you can do this. Many are now. You don’t need a middleman and you don’t need a big label to sell your music.

15. Freelance Designer.

Create a website for yourself that showcases your portfolio. Find work online in the classifieds and begin to build your profile. It will take you some time to get established, but it is well worth it as there is a lucrative income awaiting you.

16. Sell an App.

The apps marketplace includes millions of users and so $1 or so per sale can generate a lot of money, if it’s an app that there is demand for. If you have a really good idea, but you aren’t a programmer it might pay to hire a programmer. Just make sure that you retain all rights.

17. Sell Stock Photos. 

If photography is your hobby this is an excellent way to make money from it. People constantly are searching for stock photos by keyword, so find your best photos, upload them to a site like ShutterStock or Fotolia and start making money. It isn’t a lot per sale, but if you have enough photos up there you can build a nice side income.

18. Create YouTube Videos.

YouTube and other sites like make it easy for you to have an opportunity to be discovered. Show off your talent. Create product review videos linked to an affiliate program and generate a commission. You can also create courses.

19. Offer advice. 

Whatever you have some expertise in, you could turn it into a way to make money. At JustAnswer you can get paid for your knowledge. It’s a paid question and answer website with a growing field of experts.

Customers register, ask their question and name the price they are willing to pay for an expert answer. The average is between $10 and $40 dollars. The expert responds within the hour and when the customer accepts the answer you earn 25% to 50% of what customers pays. How much you earn depends on how many questions you answer. Experts are vetted to ensure the credentials they provide are accurate.

20. Work as a Virtual Assistant. 

The demand for virtual assistance is high. People that work as virtual assistants can make a full time income online using skills that they already possess.

The earnings will depend on who you are working for. Some sites connect virtual assistants with clients. The most common method is through a bidding process. You find a job that interests you and then you bid on it. What you bid will depend on the duties that are required.

You will often bid on an hourly rate, although some jobs are flat rated. The hourly rates can vary from ridiculously low such as $2/hour to average $10/hour to higher $20/hour so search around.

Virtual assistants do all kinds of tasks. They can do research, schedule appointments, answer calls, post to social media, create reports, make phone calls, do bookkeeping tasks, and the list goes on.

Different virtual assistant positions require different skills and so you should look to find a posting that matches your skills and what you like to do. Fiverr, Riprecruiter and Freelancer are great sites to offer your services as a virtual assistant.

Final Word

There are countless opportunities for online work. Depending on your skill set and interest, there is definitely something for you. You just need to search. Once you’ve created your online presence in a niche you like, your consistency and determination will pay off. And you’ll see the money roll in.

This article contains affiliate links. I may receive a commission for items you purchase through this site.

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