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How to save money as a solo traveler

How to Save Money As A Solo Traveler


Solo traveling has become very popular. While traveling with another person means splitting costs, vacationing alone does not necessarily have to mean spending thousands of dollars.

Single travelers are becoming savvier and learning to cut costs. Here are tips on saving money if you decide to travel solo.

Avoid Single Supplements.

One of the biggest costs to traveling alone are single supplements. Many travel packages, hotels, and cruises quote costs based on two people traveling together.

If you decide to go with one of these, they may charge you a single supplement — a charge for traveling alone! Avoid this!

Some cruises lines and travel companies are starting to work around this. Remember to inquire.

Accommodation Options.

When considering potential accommodations, don’t restrict yourself to hotels. Airbnb has seen explosive growth. But be careful.
Hostels and “Bed and Breakfasts” are alternative options that are much cheaper than hotels.


Inquire as to what your accommodation includes. Some places offer breakfast and wifi with your room. That way you can skip lunch and have a big meal at dinner.


Hotels may claim they have a special rate for a specific night or room type, but it fluctuates depending on who you are talking to. Try to negotiate a good deal, and bring up any travel club memberships you may have, with deals you might not know.

If the person making your reservation won’t lower the rate, speak to a manager.

Most companies want to keep customers happy and avoid bad reviews. There is usually some leeway on discounts.

Remember to negotiate with other purchases as well. Or shop around.

Eat Out at Lunch Instead of Dinner.

If you are no able to get accommodation with a breakfast added on, or, if there are no kitchen facilities in your room, consider eating out for lunch instead of dinner. Most restaurants offer the same meals at lunch as they do at dinner-but at a lower cost.

Allow for Flexibility.

The biggest benefit to traveling alone is you get to make all the decisions. If you have plans but find a way to save money, you can cancel and do it your way. Look for “one seat only” deals that are hard for airlines and other companies to get rid of.

These deals usually need to be snapped up immediately and work perfectly for travelers who don’t need to run their plans by a travel partner.

Solo Travel.

Traveling solo does not necessarily have to cost more. With a bit of creativity and a keen eye for a good deal, you can save money while enjoying a fabulous trip. The sky is the limit to saving money when you travel alone.

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