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How To Successfully Live and Work Abroad

I have been living and working remotely over the last four years. It seems like a dream life; traveling to beautiful, sunny destinations, preferably by a beach, doing what I love! And yes, for the most part, it is a dream life.

If you are thinking of living and freelancing abroad, here are seven tips on succeeding as a digital nomad.

1. Find The Anchor Within Yourself.

Most of us are were probably raised in the same home, slept in the same bed, in the same city with the same people — at least for a few years.

Then we did what we were supposed to do. Get an education, a stable job, and settle down. Our families, community, and jobs anchor us. Working remotely means none of these anchors are easily accessible.

It’s great to have the stability of your family and community. But, to succeed as a digital nomad, it would serve you to find your anchor within yourself.

Working remotely can be destabilizing for the unmoored. To find your anchor within yourself starts with centering yourself. Find your center. Pull away from the din of distractions, get into nature and find your center. And anchor yourself.

2. Build Community.

Humans are social beings. Living in a brand new city can get lonely if you are alone. We all need community. Find people who are like-minded or those with similar interests.

More people are now traveling and working abroad. Find a group of ex-pats you can connect with. Facebook groups is great for this.

3. Broaden Your Mind.

Remember to embrace this new culture! Instead of hanging out only with fellow ex-pats, make connections with locals. Live in a neighborhood with a higher percentage of them. Learn the local language.

Broaden your mind by getting involved in the local cultural scene. Again, Facebook is a great resource for this. Living in Puerto Vallarta, I have connected with the salsa dancing group and the Spanish Language group.

4. Structure Your Day.

Although you no longer need to clock in from nine to five, keeping to a schedule that works for you is still beneficial. If you’re a night hawk, you may prefer starting later in the day. Whatever works for you, keep to a structure.

Working as a financial advisor for years got me into an early morning rhythm. I stayed with it even while living abroad. I work in the morning after a trip to the gym and then often spend the afternoons on the beach.

5. Maintain Connections At Home.

No matter how long you live away from your home country, remember to nurture your relationships at home: zoom, Skype, and chat. But don’t lose touch with friends and family at home. Because someday, if you do return, you won’t feel like a stranger at home.

6. Have The Proper Tools.

It may sound like common sense, but if you are going to be working abroad, you must have a computer, a wifi connection, a wifi booster. And have spares. Rentals in many inexpensive destinations may not have reliable internet connections. This can get extremely frustrating.

7. Get Adequate Health Care Coverage.

Getting the right health care coverage is probably one of the most important things you need if are going to be working and traveling abroad. And do this before leaving your home country.

Unexpected medical emergencies can be very costly without coverage. Shop around for the best coverage.

Bringing It All Together.

Living and working in a foreign country is different from living and working at home. Working abroad can be an unforgettable adventure. But it comes with its challenges.

Becoming a digital nomad may appear like a dream life, but you need to embrace a different way of being to appreciate this way of life fully. Living and working abroad is not for everyone. But being prepared can make this journey a lot less bumpy,

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