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Paris. A Moveable Feast.

Paris – A Moveable Feast


Paris was home to many well-known British and American authors. Such as Ford Maddox Ford, Ezra Pound, Getrude Stein and Ernest Hemmingway. It was also home to many French novlists and philosophers like Jean-Paul Satre and Guy de Maupassant.

Before heading to Paris we decided to read Ernest Hemmingways. famous novel, “A Moveable Feast.” Set in Paris, it provides a vivid narrative of life in The City of Lights.

Paris is also a city associate with romance, art, culture and cafes!

Les Deux Margot and Café de Flore were some of the cafes that have been made famous because they were frequented by these intellectuals while they were alive.

People watching from these cafes are a must when you are in Paris.

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