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Solo Travel – Mistakes To Avoid

traveled alone for years before I met my traveling partner (who now happens to be my life partner). I echo other solo travelers when I say traveling alone makes you grow in ways nothing else can. You learn about yourself in ways you never knew.

When it’s well planned, traveling on your own can be an unforgettable adventure that you’ll want to do for years to come. If you plan to travel alone, here are some mistakes solo travelers commonly make that you will want to avoid.

Not Being Prepared.

Preparation before taking off is essential for any successful trip, especially a solo trip. Thoroughly research the place you’re interested in visiting.

List all the things you need to prepare for the trip — from air flight tickets (including connectors), transportation to your accommodation, mandatory vaccines to enter the country, location of where you’ll be staying, places of interest, and societal rules of what is acceptable and unacceptable.

Read reviews about the place, the accommodation you’re booking, etc. Ensure you book accommodation in advance instead of arriving and hoping to find a place to sleep for the night. Take a first-aid kit with you on your vacation.

Arriving Late at Night.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when traveling solo is arriving at your destination at night. If this is your first time to that particular destination, it would be wiser to get a flight that arrives during the day.

If possible, fly through the night and arrive in the day.

By arriving while it’s still daylight, you’ll have time to get familiar with your surroundings before night comes and everything shuts down.

Some places of accommodation shut their main doors late at night. You want to avoid being stranded in a foreign neighborhood at night.A Digital Nomad in Puerto Vallarta. – Buying Happiness Around the WorldThis year will be my third visit to Puerta Vallarta, The first time I came here was over ten years ago, and I spent…

Getting Intoxicated

Traveling alone can place you in a more vulnerable position than traveling with a companion. It is OK to have a drink or two when on vacation, but you need to be vigilant about not drinking too much, even if you believe you have a high tolerance for alcohol.

Know your limits. Don’t put yourself in a potentially precarious situation.

Being Too Polite.

It is kind to be polite when you are in a foreign land but know when you need to be assertive. Some people interpret kindness as weakness. And showing vulnerability in the wrong situations can be dangerous.

Don’t be rude but also, don’t be polite at the expense of your safety. If being assertive is difficult for you, use this trip as an excellent opportunity to stand up for yourself.

Leave or find help. If someone or a particular situation makes you feel uncomfortable, Don’t hesitate to reject the advances of unwanted attention.

Not Knowing the Culture.

A mistake solo travelers make when traveling alone is failing to research the culture and customs of the country they are visiting. Remember that you are a visitor to this foreign country. It is your responsibility to behave to show respect for the host country.

Equip yourself with some common phrases to help you get around more easily. You will feel less awkward and potentially keep you out of trouble.

Solo travel

Traveling solo can be a great experience, and by avoiding these common mistakes, you can make your holiday go smoothly. Many people have made these mistakes and learned the hard way. Save yourself the trouble, and remember these tips.

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