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What It Means To Savor Life. The Mediterranean and Me.


The author, Lesvos, Greece.

I travel a lot. I love the adventure and the expansion that happens in discovering new cuisines, landscapes and different cultures. In traveling across the globe, I have learned more about myself and what I desire out of life.

One place I love is The Mediterranean, in particular, Italy and Greece. What I love most about these two countries is that the people there appear to savor life!

When I told friends I was moving to The Mediterranea, the common response I got was, “But the economy there is bad.” It was an irrelevant response, considering I was not going there to get a job. But I smiled in response, knowing what I wanted for my life-and that was enough. No need to justify any of it.

The lifestyle is different in the Mediterranean from what it is in North America. I realise this may be a broad stoke since life in New York differs from Alabama. But there are some cultural differences in the Mediterranean that appeal to me. Namely, their ability to savor life.

How did we get here?

How did we get to believe that chasing, pursuing, grasping and accumulating was a better way to be? That we would admire billionaires who brag about working 100 hours each week.

Growing up, I valued drive, purpose and expediency. And all the socially prescribed trappings of success — the mansion by the ocean, the Porsche and a seven-figure portfolio.

But now I value being, receiving and savoring. And life in the Mediterranean aligns with my values perfectly. When was the last time you savoured life?

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