Buying Happiness Around the World

Buying Happiness Around The World

Working & Traveling

I took early retirement from the financial services industry a few years ago. As a person, I was no longer expanding in the ways I wanted to. My values had changed, my children had left the nest, and I was thirsting for more. After years of looking at life through my family’s lens, my work, and commitments, now that these were no longer at the forefront, I was not yet clear about what it is I wanted.

What I was clear about is that I needed warmth. After thirty years in Canada, I wanted to thaw out and feel the sun on my skin beyond the summer months. For me, this was non-negotiable.

After a year, sitting on beautiful beaches worldwide and writing books on finance, I knew it was not the only way I wanted to live this second half of my life. While I was not yet crystal clear about how I wanted to spend my days, traveling and dabbling with few ideas helped shape this next phase of my life.

I knew I wanted to empower women to live the most expanded versions of their lives, whether it be in the area of their finances, their vision, and their future. And travel was in my blood!

I am now living this freedom – and I feel compelled to share it! I have a business targeting women and teaching them how to believe in their power and manifest life on their terms.

For many, this could be through building their own online business. And expressing their passions and purpose through it. I assist in teaching them to monetize their message.

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